Just wirte us a mail or contact our Community Manager Kurt directly (Tel.: 0676 / 3366901).

We are looking forward to your request !

How do I get an access token?

Just make an appointment with Kurt (0676/3366901) at the Convo. On site you will receive the Convo Key-Token.
With it you have 24/7 access to the Convo.

Is my token transferable to other people?

No, the token is to be used only by the contractual partner of Convo Coworking GmbH.
The token allows 24/7 access to the coworing space.

In the interest of all coworkers, it is important not to give the token to third parties.

Commitment periods?

In general (unless we agree otherwise with you) all Convo price-plans can be cancelled per end of month.

When will I incur costs?

You have full control. Costs only arise from your monthly tariff and if you book additional products (e.g. locker, meeting room). Access to the space is free of charge.

You can also just drop by and have a coffee with the coworkers or relax in the community lounge and on the roof terrace.

Are there hidden costs?

No, we promise :)

Are there any one-time costs associated with registration?

No, there will be no one-time costs or fees.

How does the debiting of the Daypasses work?

As soon as you log in to our network, 1 Daypass is used. 1 Daypass is valid for 24 hours. You can then use the Convo W-LAN and all associated services (print/scan, Internet, file server). Don't worry, if you log out during this time and then log in again, no new Daypass will be charged.

What does "fair use" mean?

A fair-use policy simply means that you basically have free disposal of the offered service within a reasonable framework.
You can take free coffee and use the printer without additional costs.
3-4 cups/day or 30 pages/month are no problem - of course it can be more sometimes. If you receive customers you can of course also offer them these services.

Can I bring my monitor/ desktop PC?

In general) no problem - you should even leave your personal touch in the Space ;) On the Fixed Tables with Resident Tariff you can set up your desk as you like and even leave everything overnight.
On the Flexible Tables, however, a clean desk policy applies.

What does Clean Desk Policy mean?

Please leave the table as you found it. Do not leave any documents, laptops, etc. behind. The Clean Desk Policy applies to all rates except Resident.

Smoker / Non-smoker?

Please do not smoke in the indoor areas.

Can I bring my dog?

Please leave the dog at home.

Where can I park?

Coworkers can use free parking spaces directly at the building.

Can I come by bike?

Of course, there are dedicated bike racks.

Is there extra storage space?

For 19€ / month a locker can be rented (big enough for folders, backpack, laptop, etc...).
If there is a need for more storage space, we can handle this on an individual basis.